Understanding What Plus Size Women Want

Understanding What Plus Size Women Want

What Do Plus Size Women Want

It's no secret that we, as plus size women, want great fashion available to us also. Regardless of our size, we should have the same fashion opportunities.

Little by little, plus size women are demanding equality, but it's slow. The change not only has to come from each individual woman as they see themselves, but also the fashion industry as a whole. From Designers, Suppliers to Manufacturers and Retailers. Plus size women have expectations.

We Are Out There

There are plus size women in every segment from with individual tastes to body type. Online stores give the plus size woman the opportunity to come out of her shell and re-imagine herself. The joy of finding a piece of fashionable clothing, whether it be online or in a retail store, is the same joy that every other person enjoys when they go shopping. However, the joys of plus size shopping are harder to find because of what is available out there.

When we find that piece of joy, we expect the same as any other piece of clothing. Trendy, quality fabric, great fit and great cuts and most of all size variety.

How Do We Change The Mindset

All of us have a voice, we need to use it, to let the industry know we are out there and we want fashion. We have to change the mentality and that mentality first changes with us. Be knowledgeable about your body, start loving your body, it's the only one you have. Be proud.

Use your voice to let the fashion industry know what you don't like and why? Give feedback when ever you can. They are listening. Comment on brands, tell them about their fabrics and their cuts. How else will they know what to change if we don't tell them.

Personally I don't like the loud prints but I like bright prints like the Raggedy Ann Top It's trendy and has beautiful colors. Some of the plus size fashion out there ages us and makes us look much older. There is also the "tent" effect. That one look that simply covers us in a tent. Plus size women want to look trendy like everyone else. A fitted look can look gorgeous on a plus size curvy figure.

Let the fashion industry know that we are not all the same. I love the flowing look of the Handkerchief Dress, however some may prefer the higher hemline of this beautiful lace dress. Some may love the bold colors like this Rio Back Bow top and others prefer the serene colors of the Sleeveless Long Body Top. Whatever your tastes, the more we shout, the more they hear us.


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