Dressing for Your Body Type

Dressing for Your Body Type

The key to looking good is just as much about what you wear as how you wear it. Every woman’s body shape is different, which means while my breasts may not fill out the top of an A-line dress, the exact same dress may look stunning on you.

What I’m saying is, make sure you’re dressing for your body type.

Apple Shape

An apple shape wants to draw attention away from her middle. That’s where the weight tends to go to first. Avoid low rise shorts and pants and skip the high-cut shirts or tops that show off your midriff. Keep in mind that clingy tops will draw attention to your stomach, so stay away from those as well.

Instead, show off your awesome breasts and legs! Try out our Caged Bust Side Split Top or our Sexy Halter Dress with a Split Front. Then add some shoes with height to complete the look. Platform shoes, wedges or boots all give you more height and make your butt look extra sexy.

Hourglass Shape

Women with an hourglass shape have curves that go on for days, and that’s great! Stick with solid or muted colors that show off your curves and avoid the bows and ruffles that can take away from them.

Soft, flowing fabrics will help with that. Look at our Mid-Calf Flowing Dress as an example. You may also want to try our Chiffon Patchwork Dress, which draws attention to your fabulous, narrow waist and hugs all those curves.

When it comes to accessories, think about our Flat Chain Accent Necklace. Hourglass shapes do well with long necklaces that show off her breasts and draw attention down to her narrow waistline.

Inverted Triangle Shape

Women with an inverted triangle shape often feel like their shoulders are too big, but it’s an easy fix. Avoid shoulder pads and other clothing that accentuate your shoulders. Make sure you skip boat necks and jackets with oversized collars or lapels. Stay away from bold patterns that can make your upper body look wider.

Instead, think about strapless or sleeveless dresses like our Cotton Maxi Dress. When you’re covering up, wear your jacket open. Our Floral Print Cardigan is a good example of that. You can also add a belt to define your waist more.

On your lower half, where you’re thinner, consider those bold colors and patterns to add a little bulk.

Pear Shape

When it comes to clothing, pear shapes are lucky because a lot of clothing is made to accentuate all that slenderness up top and downplay the unwanted curves on the bottom. What’s more, you can add bold and flashy colors up top.

Strut your stuff in our Asymmetrical Striped Shirt or our Galaxy Top, both are vibrant patterns that will draw attention to your upper body.

On your lower half, be proud of what you have, but don’t accentuate it. Think about A-Line skirts and darker colors with simple lines. Avoid the embellishments if you can. Our Polka Dot Panel Dress would be perfect for your next night out.

Rectangle Shape

When you don’t have a lot of curves, you have to emphasize the ones you have. Our Two Piece Pant Set has tight leggings that do a very good job of that.

Up top, consider our Double Breasted Slim Line Jacket. It tapers in at the waist. Many rectangle shapes benefit from clothing that emphasizes the waist, adding a curve where there may not be one.

You want to avoid straight lines. Instead, wear loose, flowing clothing to hide your lack of curves. Three-quarter length sleeves are preferable. Our Shoulder Necklace Adorned Top is a perfect example of that.

While we offered a couple of options, it’s certainly not all of what KeeWees3 has to offer. Browse around and see if you find something that fits your body type. If you do, drop us a comment below so we can share your find with everyone else.

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